ReKTUniversity is a varsity esports recruiting and support platform operated by ReKTGlobal, an esports infrastructure company. It is our mission to assist varsity esports in any capacity we can via our recruiting and consulting services, including setting up top-notch varsity programs wholesale. For more information on our offerings, contact us or visit our website at

For Students

While the skyrocketing number of colleges offering varsity esports scholarships has opened up a new world of opportunity for high school and college gamers, navigating the space remains challenging. Few cohesive lists of schools offering varsity esports exist, and even those often don’t allow students to directly apply for scholarships or communicate with recruiters.

ReKTUniversity built this platform to facilitate students’ collegiate esports careers, helping them find the right school for their talents and giving them the opportunity to show their skills to recruiters. We also gather and post other gaming-related scholarships, to make sure students have all the opportunities they can to pursue higher education.

ReKTUniversity firmly believes in your right to privacy, and the information you submit to your Student Profile will only be visible to ReKTUniversity employees and verified university recruiters and faculty. We wish you the best of luck in your esports career and please feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions or comments.

For Universities

ReKTUniversity constructed this website in response to a serious need relayed by many varsity esports programs: Recruiting. To date, few options have allowed universities to directly recruit student-gamers and advertise their scholarship offerings to the masses. As the number of varsity esports programs continues to grow by leaps and bounds, access to an increasing pool of talented gamers will become a greater necessity for the varsity space.

ReKTUniversity offers its recruiting solution, allowing verified university administrators to view the profiles of student-gamers and build their dream esports teams. Universities will also be able to build their own profiles, providing information about their esports program, campus, and scholarship offerings.

For programs just starting out or looking to get a leg up in varsity esports, ReKTUniversity offers its consulting services, covering everything a first-class program should have: Venue selection and retrofitting, event and media production, marketing and recruiting strategy, resource acquisition, academic integration, and more. For more information or to reach out about our services, please use our Business Contact Form and let us know how we can best fit your needs!